Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Business for its Successful Operation!!!



The Jacob Business Armour is among the leading companies for providing a business with the specialized services to make it withstand after bearing several risks and disasters. They provide their valued clients with reliable crisis management consultations. The methodologies and techniques to be adopted, in order to make a business run smoothly are explained by them.

They have different areas of specialization including the occupational safety and health, business continuity management (BCM) consultant, etc. The BCM is provided to the individuals or enterprises, in order to provide them with a few instructions to survive and handle the situations of crisis in an effective manner. They are well equipped with a holistic approach or strategy, which is followed for helping them in their bad times and prevent the situations from getting worse.



They enable their valued clients to be equipped with effective handling of internal control as well as external dependencies along with crisis management skills and communication. To implement BCM, one needs to follow a series of steps explained below:

  • Assessment of risk review
  • Analysis of the impact of business
  • Avoidance of risks
  • Strategies for recovery
  • Business continuity planning
  • Validation of plans
  • Testing of the crisis scenario
  • Maintenance of programs.

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