Internal Controls Helps in Business Efficiency, Survival and Growth

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staff and employees arjabae over-burdened and are more prone to making mistakes in handling business processes. There can are certainly also temptations for unscrupulous employees to clandestinely take advantage of weaknesses in systems and controls for personal benefit. All these weaken company’s performance and affect morale and bottom-line results.

Management cannot place managers to police all work areas against mistakes and fraud.  The solution is to ensure that all risks that could compromise quality of work and security should be identified and addressed. By addressing, we mean putting in placAt Jacob Business Armour, we help organisations implement Internal Conte safeguards or warning alerts that something may have gone amiss or maybe going awry. This once-off carrying a risk management exercise to institute a system of Internal Controls could remove the concern and impacts of failing processes and employees.rol system. We have a slew of industry best practices through a checklist of requirements for key business functions such as: general management, finance, human resources, procurement, IT, production, logistics, etc. These, coupled with our process analysis software will highlight fault lines to be fixed. Call us today for discussions!


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