Services of BCP Consultants in the Event of Crisis

CEOs and senior managers are aware that things under their responsibility can suddenly go wrong, and that they are required to restore them back to normal. In this modern days, any business disruption can be very costly and customers and stake-holders generally are not sympathetic when one occurs.  It is now a requirement for companies to ensure that there is a plan available that will guide them to respond to any operational breakdown.

Business continuity requires first seeking understanding of what key business drivers are. Then to explore possible situations that could arise to affect them to the point where a total disruption to the organisation occur. This means risk identifications, risk mitigations, planning for restoration of critical business functions, and certainly also crisis management.


A BCP Consultant generally formulates business continuity plans (i.e. BC Plans). However, the BCP Consultant must also be capable of extending BC Plans into providing organisations with the proper bases and training in providing incident response and crisis management.  Paper plans alone cannot respond to the crisis, only crisis management team can – and the team has to be trained.

The ISO 22301-2012 provides the international standards on the requirements of business continuity management. This ISO 22301 standards has superseded many national standards such as SSS540:2008 and BS25999-1/2.


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