Internal Controls Helps in Business Efficiency, Survival and Growth

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staff and employees arjabae over-burdened and are more prone to making mistakes in handling business processes. There can are certainly also temptations for unscrupulous employees to clandestinely take advantage of weaknesses in systems and controls for personal benefit. All these weaken company’s performance and affect morale and bottom-line results.

Management cannot place managers to police all work areas against mistakes and fraud.  The solution is to ensure that all risks that could compromise quality of work and security should be identified and addressed. By addressing, we mean putting in placAt Jacob Business Armour, we help organisations implement Internal Conte safeguards or warning alerts that something may have gone amiss or maybe going awry. This once-off carrying a risk management exercise to institute a system of Internal Controls could remove the concern and impacts of failing processes and employees.rol system. We have a slew of industry best practices through a checklist of requirements for key business functions such as: general management, finance, human resources, procurement, IT, production, logistics, etc. These, coupled with our process analysis software will highlight fault lines to be fixed. Call us today for discussions!


Practice Good Corporate Governance for the Success of the Organization

Corporate Governance refers to a technique through which the organizations are managed and directed. It means managing and carrying the business according to the desires of the stakeholders’. Corporate governance is conducted by the organization board of Directors and the other responsible committees for the benefit of the organization’s stakeholders.  It is all about promoting the transparency, corporate fairness, and accountability.

Corporate Governance deals with finding out the ways to take helpful strategic decisions. It involves the relationship between the organizations management, board of directors, stakeholders and shareholders. It is all related to balancing the individual and social and economic goals. Good and robust corporate governance practice is advantageous for the economic growth and development as well as for the business success. Additionally, it also helps to maintain the confidence of the investors and stakeholders in the organization. It helps in the brand formation and also improves the reputation of the organizatibusiness-consultancy-305x215on. Also, it helps in reducing the conflict in the organization.

The organization must practice and encourage corporate governance with the aim of enhancing and focusing on the consistent service, transparency, compliance, and flexibility. We at Jaba provide a comprehensive service for the corporate governance of the organization. If one wants to hire use then they can call us.

Protect Your Business Critical Functions with ISO 22301

In this increasingly uncertain and risk filled environment as like natural calamity or man-made accidents including cyber-attacks resulting in data loss may occur at anytime. The risk may be start small, it may escalate to cause a major loss to the organization. For the reason, it is essential for the organizations to have a backup plan or an alternative to deal with the difficult situation timely to ensure smooth functioning of the business operations.

ISO 31000 is an international standard that provides guidelines for the effective risk management. Any organization can use these guidelines and principles regardless of sector and size. It can be used to by the organizations help manage operations, processes, assets, projects, products, and services. Additionally, the organization should consider ISO 22301 for the Business continuity management. With ISO 22301 the organization can protect and identify their business critical functions, and the competence to continue business operating during unanticipated events.

ISO 22301

Every organization must take the benefit of the ISO 31000 and ISO 22301 international standards for managing risks efficiently in critical situations and continuing the business operations smoothly.

However, the extent of application of these standards depends on the organization’s functioning environment and complexity of the situation. To know more about ISO 31000 and ISO 22301 one can search on the internet.

Run your Business Successfully by following the formula of success!

To ensure one’s business can be successful, organizations can look toward the Jacob Business Armour for assistance.  They are among the foremost solution providers of business resilience solutions. Generally, the services they provide will lead to organizational fitness, health, business longevity, and importantly success at the bottom-line. It is a fact that unmanaged risks and resilience are diametrical ends of success or failure. It is true that success or failure cannot be gained by chance; they are the objectives that need to be set.

The preliminary stage is the setting the framework upon which business resilience can be built. Jacob Business Armour helps organizations to establish the resilience framework. Their suite of business resilience solutions include:

crisis management consultant

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Corporate Governance: It is the desire of the shareholders to know about the state of Corporate Governance of the company, where they invest in. In these days, investors also look into the company’s Sustainability Report. Good corporate governance is treated as the means to robustness and success.
  • Crisis Management System: It is a platform to make an organization combat the situations of crisis. The key phases in the crisis management are alert, assemble, assess and action and are performed by a team of Crisis Management Consultants together.

Jaba Crisis Management Consultant: a Holistic Strategy towards Risk Management and Crisis Management!

Jacob business armor is a dedicated Crisis Management Consultant in Singapore who helps in offering very effective internal controls, business resilience and world class risk management strategies. is the Singapore’s leading business continuity management company which creates the most effective business continuity plan for a firm facing crisis management. Jacob business armor specializes in providing services related to corporate governance, SGX listing rules and internal controls.


training-and-services-305x215 specialists are a great business and crisis management consultants who provide complete resources to their clients to cope up with the disaster, ideally prepare them to respond and emerge strong in the situations of acute crisis. As a part of a crisis management strategy, a major event that is threatening an organization and its various stakeholders is dealt with. It usually takes care of the public image and reputation among the stakeholders as well.

Internal Controls: An Elaborate Exercise to Ensure Business Continuity!



Internal control refers to a system of ensuring achievement of organization’s goals and objectives in a reliable and accurate financial reporting, operational efficiency and effectiveness, as well as adequate compliance with the rules, laws, procedures, regulations and policies. Internal controls ensure that the integrity of financial and accounting information as well as profitability and operational targets are met.

Internal control systems of an organization aim at achieving the following objectives-

  1. Efficiency and effectiveness of the operations
  2. Published financial statements are being prepared in a reliable manner
  3. It consists of five inter related components namely, control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication and monitoring.




Is your organisation prepared for a pandemic outbreak or resilient to crisis? If no, here is your answer. Business continuity management is an approach which is effective for a company and is used by it to protect its critical business operations from being disrupted by any threats or vulnerabilities.

With the help of a BCM Consultant, a comprehensive business continuity plan can be created, maintained, tested and implemented throughout the organization. A bcm consultant also offers customized business continuity plans for different types of business organizations coping with different disasters.


Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Business for its Successful Operation!!!



The Jacob Business Armour is among the leading companies for providing a business with the specialized services to make it withstand after bearing several risks and disasters. They provide their valued clients with reliable crisis management consultations. The methodologies and techniques to be adopted, in order to make a business run smoothly are explained by them.

They have different areas of specialization including the occupational safety and health, business continuity management (BCM) consultant, etc. The BCM is provided to the individuals or enterprises, in order to provide them with a few instructions to survive and handle the situations of crisis in an effective manner. They are well equipped with a holistic approach or strategy, which is followed for helping them in their bad times and prevent the situations from getting worse.



They enable their valued clients to be equipped with effective handling of internal control as well as external dependencies along with crisis management skills and communication. To implement BCM, one needs to follow a series of steps explained below:

  • Assessment of risk review
  • Analysis of the impact of business
  • Avoidance of risks
  • Strategies for recovery
  • Business continuity planning
  • Validation of plans
  • Testing of the crisis scenario
  • Maintenance of programs.

Hire the Services of a Proficient ERM Consultant

Risks exist everywhere. Organizations are always exposed to a wide spectrum of risks. When conditions are right, a risk is triggered to set off an event or a series of events that often can result in losses and damages of various kinds to the organization in business resilience, risk management invariably focuses on risks that have potential to inflict adverse impacts. If an organization loses its IT services due to fire, crashes, or for any other reason, its business operations will be adversely affected and even cease altogether. It is thus imperative for all organizations whether big or small to understand their risk universes and have proper risk management system to mitigate risk impacts on their organizations’ business objectives.


ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), according to ISO 31000-2009 International Standards, is a process of organizing, planning and controlling the activities to minimize the organizational risks effectively. The ERM consultant has expertise and knowledge in this area and can provide practical methodologies to identify analyze and prescribe risk treatments. Every organization is different, and the risk management system must fit its needs. The professional ERM consultant must be able to build such risk management programmes that managers can relate to in their daily operations. A non-operation based system will not only work but will be an administrative bane to maintain.


While there are many consultants providing Enterprise Risk Management services, it is important to hire one that can deliver the operationally effective ERM programme. Too many organizations have found their ERM programmes to be ineffective because the systems were implemented without proper practitioner’s knowledge. Indeed the first risk of implementing an ERM programme is the inadequacy of the implemented system.